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The version 0.3 RC is here
The version RC is out. The remanings bugs are safe for the datas. It can't be resolved without pass Qt4 to Qt5. It will be done for the next version (0.4). See: Copy_and_paste (wiki)
I have few donations and any help. (include text gramar fix) despite frequent requests that I make.
The rsync engine for Ultracopier is release as planed, the patch to intercept the copy/paste under linux have been send to KDE/Gnome, I have even do a dbus plugin, but they are not motivated to include it (however essential to pass under linux for the semi-pro).
I have do the french translation, fix of english text, I'm working on spanish version. The roadmap of ultracopier is on the wiki for the next major version.
I continue to update supercopier and copy handler to compare it to ultracopier.
I no longer include people who reported a bug, and who do not respond to questions that are needed to solve the (mostly false positive).
Continue to support ultracopier!